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Haze weather gives birth to "mask heat" experts suggest to buy professional medical masks


Buy a mask to prevent PM2.5. In recent days, all kinds of "sharp tools" to prevent PM2.5 are hot on the Internet, among which "PM2.5 masks" are the hottest. With PM2.5 as the key word, in the last two days, Taobao index mask search rose 15.58% month on month, and air purifier search rose 16.09% month on month. Yesterday, reporters in Taobao input "PM2.5 masks", immediately jumped out of more than 2300 relevant product information. These "PM2.5 masks" are mainly sold for antibacterial, dustproof and adding active carbon, with prices ranging from 1 yuan to dozens of yuan each and a wide variety.

The reporter learned from Taobao that 3828 people "placed an order" to buy masks on the 11th and 12th. Among them, Beijing has the largest number of netizens, accounting for 30% of the total volume of transactions. Anhui netizens bought more than 800 masks on taobao.com within three days of November 13. "There are many big packages of 50 pieces in one purchase. Even if the conservative calculation is based on 2 to 3 pieces per purchase, the daily average volume of masks in these days is more than 10000." Taobao related data Department figures. The reporter learned through checking the information of relevant sellers that the medical mask named "PM2.5 mask" is mainly N95. In a brand mask store, a N95 particle protective 50 piece mask is on sale at a special price of 124 yuan. Recently, more than 360 cases have been sold, and the evaluation shows that most of them are purchased by units.

PM2.5 has little effect on the filtration of ordinary masks

And in Hefei, yesterday evening, when visiting a drugstore on Linquan Road, the reporter found that ordinary gauze masks and disposable masks were selling very well. The salesman told the reporter, "today, we sold all masks, about 100 masks in one day." Yesterday, the reporter visited Hefei market and found that the main products of local shops are ordinary cotton masks, mainly with designs and cartoon patterns. In several pharmacies near the walking street of Huaihe Road, the reporter did not find the N95 medical mask which was popular on the Internet, only the ordinary gauze mask, selling for 2.5 yuan each.

There are various kinds of masks on the market, but the protection function for human body is far from each other.

At present, the masks on the market generally include ordinary cotton masks, active carbon masks, N95 / n99 masks, etc. Li Xiu, chief physician and professor of respiratory department of Hefei No.1 People Hospital, said that N95 / n99 mask can isolate 95% / 99% of pathogenic bacteria and particles, and it is usually worn to prevent SARS and influenza, with the best protective effect. However, the cotton mask on the market only has the function of dust prevention, which can isolate the dust of large particles, but has little effect on PM2.5.

Li Xiu suggested that the public should try to choose professional masks when they go out. "All medical masks are officially approved by the state and have permits. People in the market are still cautious in choosing masks."

Here we also remind the reader that in winter, we need to pay attention to the hygiene of masks. Masks should be changed every day and put into boiled water for disinfection. At the same time, do not spray aromatics on the mask, because aromatics will stimulate the respiratory system and cause respiratory diseases.

Demonstrate how to wear a mask correctly

1. Flat mask

2. Pull hands to face

3. Press the mask with the left hand and wrap the protective rope around the ear root with the right hand

4. Press the mask with the right hand and wrap the protective rope around the ear root with the left hand

5. Pull the edge of the mask up and down with both hands to cover the front and chin