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How to choose protective mask


Experts said that wearing masks can protect against cold and dirty air. Especially for the elderly and children, they should wear masks when they go out in the fog and haze. But there is a way to choose masks. If they choose unqualified products, they are likely to prevent diseases without adverse effects.

Miss Chen, 24, bought 5 or 6 cartoon masks to wear every day after winter. Two weeks later, she found her face itchy and red. Miss Chen came to the dermatology department of the general love hospital for examination. According to the doctor, it was the unqualified mask she wore that caused allergies. Lu Qiaofa, director of respiratory medicine in the West Hospital of the hospital, reminded that good-looking masks are not useful. "Most of these masks are chemical fiber products, which not only fail to protect, but also may cause mask diseases.". The so-called mask disease refers to the allergy and asthma aggravation caused by inferior mask.

Lu Qiaofa said that commonly used masks can be divided into two categories: civilian and medical. Ordinary masks for civil use can only prevent cold. The medical mask shall be at least three layers, which can prevent dust, bacteria, moisture and filter. Such a mask can prevent diseases.

Fashion masks are mostly single-layer, low cotton content, easy to wear static electricity for a long time, damaging the face skin. There are some masks from small workshops, not only the packaging is not standardized, but also the health and safety of the materials are difficult to guarantee. There are also some masks with cute cartoon patterns with substandard dyes, which may aggravate the condition of patients with allergies and asthma.

Luqiaofa suggested that the public should go to the regular business place and choose the medical masks with regular batch number when purchasing masks. For children, masks with too many layers cannot be selected. Disposable mask can only prevent dust, and the patient number should not be selected. In addition, the mask should be cleaned and replaced every day after use.