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How to protect after work? Wear masks, wash hands frequently and keep a distance when talking


Post work protection tips

1. Try to apply for home office

According to the arrangement of the unit and the actual situation, we can innovate the office mode and apply for home office and online office. Try to use video conference, less meetings and less concentration.

2. Less buses and subways

It is recommended to walk, cycle or take a taxi to work. If you have to take public transportation, you should wear medical surgical masks or N95 masks all the way.

3. Reduce elevator use

Reduce the frequency of taking the elevator, low floor passengers can walk stairs.

4. Wear a mask when taking the elevator

You should wear a mask when taking an elevator, even if you are the only one in the elevator. Do not take off the mask when taking the elevator; when pressing the key in the elevator, it is better to touch the key with gloves or paper towels or finger cots; when waiting for the elevator, stand on both sides of the hall door, do not get too close to the hall door, and do not face to face contact with the passengers coming out of the elevator car. After passengers get out of the car, press and hold the button outside the elevator hall to keep the elevator from closing, wait for a moment before entering the elevator; try to avoid taking the elevator with many strangers, and passengers with plenty of time can wait patiently for the next elevator. Wash hands and disinfect in time after taking the elevator.

5. It is suggested to have meals at different peak and alone

Wear masks all the way to and from the restaurant; do not remove masks until the moment before eating. Do not eat while talking, and focus on eating; eat on the wrong peak, and avoid eating in groups. Dining alone, quick battle; conditional units can provide boxed meals to avoid crowd gathering.

6. Wear masks in the Office

When working with colleagues, maintain a certain distance and wear masks; disinfect the administrative area with alcohol spray, such as doorknobs, computer keyboards, desks, chairs, etc. according to their own actual conditions, they can wear gloves as appropriate.