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Carry out online psychological counseling and put on "protective masks" for the mind


In order to alleviate the psychological pressure brought by the epidemic situation, some psychological teachers open online psychological assistance voluntary service to provide psychological assistance voluntary service and help for teachers, students and parents.

Yuan Anqing, a senior lecturer in educational psychology, is doing psychological counseling in front of the computer. He said that in the current situation, it is very important to do a good job in psychological counseling.

Yuan Anqing, senior lecturer in Educational Psychology: in the face of this situation, on the one hand, it helps children relieve pressure, and on the other hand, it enhances everyone confidence in overcoming the epidemic. We mainly use the form of online QQ this time. Every psychological teacher has two people online every day. When we are online, we conduct psychological consultation through QQ number one-on-one.

It is understood that students online consultation mainly focuses on learning and emotion, such as lack of learning motivation, poor sleep and emotional depression. Some parents also carry out online consultation, mainly focusing on work and children education, especially children long stay at home during the epidemic, addicted to communication between parents of electronic products and children, children homework and other issues.

Yuan Anqing, senior lecturer in Educational Psychology: I hope that children can learn how to face up to their parents love of nagging. As parents, in this extended winter vacation, there are more opportunities to be close to children. We should face up to the opportunities of parent-child communication and learn more about the art of how to communicate with children. For example, we should give more encouraging words to children, and give some instructive suggestions to children, which is a good opportunity to strengthen parent-child communication Meeting.

Yuan also suggested that during the epidemic period, students should not only do a good job of self-protection, but also reasonably arrange their work and study time, regularly exercise, keep fit, participate in housework more, strengthen parent-child communication, and make full use of the "extended winter vacation" to improve themselves.